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Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening services offers a variety of products to independent rental owners, real estate agents, and property managers. Our online screening software is available to our customers 24/7 to assist in making a confident decision for your prospective tenant.

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Tenant Screening Services

Our vision is customer care, low prices, and a full range of services.

Background Resources has assisted property owners since 1998. We offer a variety of products that you can choose from. You can choose to order ala carte or bundle your services for an extra savings.

Frequently Ordered Reports

Credit Reports

Shows an applicant’s debt load, payment history, collection activity, current and prior addresses, and FICO score.

Criminal Reports

Information can be obtained at all federal, state, and county levels. Information included will depend on the search and the level chosen. Conviction information, felonies, and misdemeanors are some examples of information obtained.

Eviction Reports

Shows unlawful detainers, tenant judgments for rent, failure to pay rent, writs and warrants of eviction.

Social Security Verification

This reveals the name of the card holder, a/k/a or alias names affiliated with the number, current and former addresses, if the number was ever terminated, deceased, never issued, or involved in any fraudulent activity.

Sexual Offender Reports

A simultaneous search can be done on multi-state reporting sexual offender registries, or a single state search.