Motor Vehicle Records

33% Of Applicants Have LIED About Their Driving Records

Driving records need to be checked. Just one unlicensed, suspended, revoked or uninsured driver could lead to financial catastrophe for your company.

How many times are assistants, managers, sales people, even supervisors sent out on company business? Company protection via MVR’s are simple and necessary when fighting against negligent hiring lawsuits. An employee driving a company vehicle, even during off hours, can leave that company liable.

Motor Vehicle Reports are available in all 50 states. They can directly relate an applicants personal conduct and level of responsibility. A suspended or revoked license will disqualify an applicant from a position where driving is required.

Motor Vehicle Records will:

  • Verify Driving History, Including Speeding Tickets and DUI’s.
  • Verify Driver License and Status.
  • Verify Applicants Name.
  • Verify Social Security Number.
  • Give Positive I. D. via Vital Statistics.
  • Eliminate Potential Insurance Risks.