Background Resources Inc. offers Live Scan Fingerprinting.

This allows us to capture fingerprints on a scanner, no messing around with Ink and Roll. The Fingerprints are then sent electronically to the Illinois State Police for processing. We are an authorized fingerprinting service through the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulations, Office of Banks & Real Estate, Office of Banks & Trust, School Districts, Volunteers, and Parks & Recreations.


  • Call us toll-free at 1-888-800-9044 to schedule an appointment.
  • Schedule an appointment on-line – Make an appointment
  • If you have a group of 8 or more, please inquire about our on-site fingerprinting service.

Fingerprinting Instructions :

  • Arrive at the facility only at your appointed time. Driving Directions
  • You will need a valid identification card (driver’s license).
  • The technician will scan your fingerprints and submit your data. This normally takes less than fifteen minutes.
  • The results will be sent directly to the agency listed on the registration form.