Employment Criminal Records

45% Of Applicants Lied About Having A Criminal Record

Live Criminal Record Search

Background Resources has the ability to provide our clients access to criminal records from County, State, and Federal levels. We employ Criminal Search Specialists to investigate the criminal records of the individual that needs to be screened. The most current and detailed county court records are personally searched by Professional Record Retrievers stationed at every county court house in the USA. Multiple Sex offender databases are scrutinized. This search provides the most up-to-date criminal records on the individual. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours to receive the information back, but it is worth the wait with the information you receive.

Criminal Database Search

A powerful high-speed multi jurisdictional search of our state and county criminal records databases which currently includes data from 50 states with more then 200 million records and the list is growing. Our data is obtained directly from the administration of the courts, state’s central repositories, county and criminal justice systems. We have invested in cutting edge technology to ensure that when new information is made available from any of our sources, our system updates itself immediately. This helps ensure you have access to as reasonably current information as possible. We currently have access to an industry leading 169 Criminal Databases.